2022 Projects

The year 2022 was a very exciting and a productive year for GIFT Organization.

June 16 2022
Arif Hussain Razavi who we had sponsored since a year finally arrived in Canada on June 16 2022 from Indonesia. We found him a rental place after two weeks and all the basic household items were purchased during that time. It was an exciting journey for Arif who was looking forward to his new life in Canada.

August 25th 2022
The Volunteers of GIFT Organization decided to embark on a Backpack project. This was to assist the children who were refugees and new immigrants to have access to school supplies. One hundred backpacks along with stationery and folders were delivered to the Masumeen Food bank for the food bank recipients. Costco donated the 100 backpacks for which we are very thankful!

September 21 2022
Zahra Batool and her two children Saliha 12yrs old and Sarnia 9 years old arrived in Canada from Indonesia. We had started their sponsorship 21 months ago. As soon as they arrived the GIFT Organization team took up their assigned responsibilities to settle them and have the children enrolled in school.

November 3 2022
Safdar Ali Haideri arrived on November 3rd from Indonesia. The sponsorship process took 15 months. He had a few friends who were in Toronto and were eagerly waiting for his arrival. He received a warm welcome at the Airport by his friends who brought him bouquets of flowers. Members of GIFT Organization arrived later to welcome him and get the immigration paper work signed. He is now in the process of getting settled and is very happy to be in Canada.

On going Activities
Through out the year Gift Organization has been involved in helping refugees by co ordinating furniture pickup and drop off, and delivering mattresses and pillows with the help of Human Endeavor (Organization that helps settle refugees along with other projects). GIFT Organization has been able to help a number of families by providing them with winter clothing as they were not equipped for the cold weather and providing them with Presto cards in order for them to move around.

2021 Projects

GIFT Organization has been helping refugee families on an ongoing basis by providing them clothing both in summer and winter seasons.

A family of seven, a couple with 5 children was stranded due to a home fire. GIFT Organization was able to provide them two rooms in a hotel for one night before they were moved to a shelter home. After a week they were able to move into a rental house. GIFT Organization managed to provide them with seven mattresses and beds.

An exodus of Afghani families has arrived in Toronto sponsored by the Government. They are presently staying in the hotel and the Government is paying for their hotel and food. The rest of funding will be given once they have found a place to rent. Since they are stuck inside the hotel due to the cold weather and not having winter gear, GIFT Organization provided them with 20 winter coats and Presto cards to enable them to go out and look for jobs and place to stay.