2021 Projects

GIFT Organization has been helping refugee families on an ongoing basis by providing them clothing both in summer and winter seasons.

A family of seven, a couple with 5 children was stranded due to a home fire. GIFT Organization was able to provide them two rooms in a hotel for one night before they were moved to a shelter home. After a week they were able to move into a rental house. GIFT Organization managed to provide them with seven mattresses and beds.

An exodus of Afghani families has arrived in Toronto sponsored by the Government. They are presently staying in the hotel and the Government is paying for their hotel and food. The rest of funding will be given once they have found a place to rent. Since they are stuck inside the hotel due to the cold weather and not having winter gear, GIFT Organization provided them with 20 winter coats and Presto cards to enable them to go out and look for jobs and place to stay.