To date, we have been successful in bringing clean water to 12 Villages in Kassanda and Mityana District, Uganda.

Kitalegerwa – Namasengere – Kakindu – Kitonya – Lusolo B – Kakata – Bwerenga – Busweka – Katikandegaya A – Katikandegaya C – Gambwa – Suliya – Nakwangu

The following steps were implemented:

After a geological survey to ascertain the presence of underground water, heavy duty equipment moves in to drill deep into the earth to reach the water table. Pumps are then used to bring fresh water to the surface. Samples of the water is sent to government labs to determine safety standards. To the joy of the villagers, long and strenuous walks to the lake to fetch unsafe water are a thing of the past.

Villagers Waiting for Water
Gov Approved Fresh Water
Newly completed Bore well 2017
Finishing Touches to a Bore Well
Equipment for Drilling Bore Wells

Arrival of Syrian family July 6 2018 – Tarek Hazemeh, his spouse Dima Dawoud, daughter Sidra, son Mohamed Kareem and brother-in-law Mohamed Issam Dawoud. Picture of their first meal hosted by Remtulla family.

Arrival of Syrian family

Arrival of Hazari family from Balouchistan, Pakistan on November 14 2019 – Kalsoom Jaffari and brother Sikandar. Picture with younger sister Zakia Batool. They met her after 7 years.

Arrival of Hazari family
Arrival of Hazari family

Arif Hussain Razayi, aged 25 arrived in Canada on June 16 2022. He is the youngest applicant so far. He is originally from Balochistan in Pakistan. Being a Hazara, he was persecuted as most Hazaras are and therefore he fled from his hometown to Indonesia. In Indonesia he was a refugee and therefore was restricted in many ways. He was not allowed to work and received no benefits. Arif Hussain was stranded in Indonesia for 5 years until GIFT Organization sponsored him to Canada.

Zahra Batool is from Quetta, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Being from Hazara background, they were facing difficulties and threats to their lives. Her husband left the place hoping to get to Australia. Once he reached Australia, on the advice of his parents, he divorced his wife, leaving her responsible of a young daughter, Saleha and a toddler, Sania. Her parents and sibling were already in Australia so there was no support for her. To make matters worse, her parents in law took the case to court to have custody of the children but fortunately the issue was resolved in her favor. Feeling very insecure, her father advised her to leave Pakistan and arranged her to go to Indonesia in the hope of joining her Parents and siblings in Australia. In the process she got stuck in Indonesia since 2015.

Safdar Ali Haidari is from Afghanistan, his father was Tajik and mother Pashtu. His difficulties started when the Taliban first took control of Afghanistan. Taliban tried to convince and then force his father to join them. He refused and moved his family to Pakistan. The area where they moved, Parachinar was predominantly Shia, so they converted to Shiaism. His elder brother and the father had to go on a business to Afghanistan and they were killed. Shortly after, his mother passed away. His younger siblings were accepted in an orphanage. He left in 2008 and went illegally to Norway, and claimed Refugee status. The Americans invaded Afghanistan and in 2013, he was deported back to Afghanistan. His situation was becoming precarious and he had to fly a second time to Indonesia.He has been waiting for someone to sponsor him since the way to Australia was closed. He has therefore been a refugee twice.

Asaad Almorad accompanied by his wife, Hawraa Albobuni and two young sons, Abdullah and Ali, arrived on February 2, 2023 from Turkey. They are from Karbala, Iraq.

In Iraq Asaad participated in a demonstration to protest against the lack of power available in schools and due to that he was kidnapped on 21 July 2017. He was released on 28 July 2017 with a warning not attend any demonstrations in the future. The threats continued via emails. He made a complaint to the police station but no action was taken by them even after identifying one of the persons threatening him. To add to that he lost his job as a teacher. Due to the constant threat, he left Iraq on 22nd of August 2018 for Turkey. His family stayed behind since his wife, Hawraa, was studying Islamic studies in the University and was also working.  She was supporting him while in exile. Once in Turkey, Asaad claimed refugee status. In the interval, Hawraa completed her studies at the university and decided to join him in Turkey on 24 August 2021. GIFT was approached by Asaad’s brother-in-law, Murtadha Al Hussaini to sponsor the family. After reviewing the case, GIFT sponsored them

In March of 2018, GIFT partnered with a local Prepared Meals company, DinnerzDone’s Feed Another Program to host a special Nowruz Dinner at the 360 Youth Shelter in Richmond Hill. Lead by DinnerzDone chef, a group of 6 volunteers prepared a tasty meal of halal lasagna, garlic bread and Caesar salad. A second group of 5 volunteers set up a traditional Persian Haft Sin table to mark in the Nowruz New Year, a time of rebirth, renewed intentions and celebration. The meal ended with full stomachs, new friendships, great conversations and a traditional Persian rice pudding dessert. The staff at 360 kids were a delight to work with, and the volunteers, dependable and hard working as always.

In September of 2020, GIFT was pleased to host an event for seniors in their local community.  Due to COVID19, many seniors have unfortunately been home bound and struggling with boredom and loneliness.  GIFT wanted to give these seniors an opportunity to come out of their homes and to socialize with their fellow community members, while maintaining social distancing protocols.  A group of 6 volunteers came together to organize this event which included some physical exercises for them to practice daily as well as partake in a fun calligraphy painting class.  Lunch was also provided during which they had an opportunity to talk and share about their backgrounds and life experiences. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success!

Seniors Event

All you hear these days is how the numbers for Covid-19 are on the rise. When you hear these words over and over again, it brings a lot of anxiety, fear and insecurity. This is more so for families who are already facing financial difficulties and are struggling to put a decent meal on their table. GIFT Organization decided to donate face masks to food bank recipients with words of encouragement printed on them. These masks were then distributed on November 14th along with the food box from the Foodbank.

Masumeen Food Bank

Richmond Hill Food Bank at 55 Newkirk Road

UMWC Food Bank

UMWC Food Bank

Going back to school was the most exciting period after the Covid’s overwhelming uncertainty which had affected so many students in the past two years. Inflation has ripped through the lives of countless families due to the pandemic and who are now struggling to stretch their dollar as far as possible. In these difficult times GIFT Organization decided to help foodbank families by providing their children backpacks and school supplies for the new school year.

Costco was very helpful by donating the backpacks as their outreach program while GIFT bought the school supplies. Backpacks along with school supplies were carefully packed by children of different ages. It served two purposes. 1. The children who received the backpacks were happy because they felt no less than other children whose Parents could afford and 2. The children who sorted out the school supplies experienced the positive energy of helping those in need. These children are now looking forward to participating in other projects.

This Holy month of Ramadhan Gift Organization decided to bring happy smiles on children and adults by sending them mouthwatering delicious cakes to add on to their Eid celebration. Sweet Creationz was kind enough to bake 60 cakes for families that receive food boxes from United Muslim Women Foodbanks. These families who are struggling due to the increase in rent and food produce, can barely provide the basic necessities to their loved ones let alone treat them to special treats on Eid.

As our beloved Prophet used to supplicate to Allah to bless him with tenderness for the one who is struck with poverty out of his livelihood that he had been blessed with.

GIFT Organization would like to thank Sweet Creationz for their enthusiasm to take on the challenge of baking and delivering on time, UMWC food bank for giving us the opportunity to serve their clients, all the little volunteers who came to help in packaging while they were fasting and our special thanks to our monthly donors who make it possible for us to continue to do these projects. May you all be blessed!!

Ramadan 2023