Mohamed Issam Dawoud

My name is Mohamed IssamDawoud.  I am from Syria.  My sister Dima, my brother in law Tarik along with their two children and I were sponsored by GIFT Organization.

Some time we go through tough circumstances that make us think we are going to have bad days for a long time and it let us to think we are not going to achieve our perfect plan that we worked hard to reach it, in that moment we might have doubts about what is going to happen in the future, however we don’t have to give up and lose trust in our God. After I finished my dentistry school back home I had a tough time since my country was in war for a long time and situation there was so bad I had no chance to practice my career normally. I had to go for military service after few months of graduation, but always in that hard time we meet people who make it easier for us,So in that time we got a call from GIFT Organization and they told us that they are going to sponsor us. The procedure took 2 years and we arrived in Canada July 6th 2018.  They helped us to start a new life and they were with us every day to give us support.  Even until now I am still getting support to get my re-certification. I left my family back home but I feel I have a family here.

I would like to thank GIFT Organization for all you did for us and I hope you can always help the people who are suffering around the world.